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 Chin Woo Sommercamp 2003 in Shanghai
 "108 Looking Hands" of the Eagle Claw - with Bao Wen Guang
 The Secrets of  "Er Lang Men Gong fu" - with Yuen Ji Xiu
 Wu Shi Taijiquan - with Sun Shen Ling
 International Seven Star Praying Mantis Trainingscamp



Workshops and Seminar!


Request for Workshops and Class Information with Master Kai Uwe Pel

Seminar/Workshops available:

- The devastating techniques and highly effective principles of Praying Mantis.
- The secrets of the reaction distance line and advanced the strategies of fighting.
- The hidden aspects of pressure point tactics and how internal power works.
- The skills of trapping & joint locking.
- Skills to defend against any grappling opponent.

For more information on booking your next seminar/workshop with Master Kai Uwe Pel contact:


 About Master Kai Uwe Pel:

- Over 25 years of martial arts experience
- Direct 8 th generation descendant in the Lin Bo Yan clan from the founder of Praying Mantis Kung Fu, Wang Lang
- Trained in Hongkong, Singapore, Malaysia, and China
- Featured on the cover of The World of Kung Fu Magazine in Hongkong
- Author of his book "Praying Mantis Kung Fu - A Deadly Game of Strategy" (Singapore)
- Lifemember of the Singapore ChinWoo Athletic Association




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