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 Luo Guang Yu's Seven Star Praying Mantis Boxing

 Praying Mantis Kung Fu:  A Deadly Game of Strategy
 The Late Grandmaster Luo Guang Yu
 Kai Uwe Pel  - The Inheritor of  Luo Guang Yu's Tang Lang Men
 Techniques and Forms of Qi Xing Tang Lang Men
 The Qi Xing Tang Lang Family of Luo Guang Yu
 A Word Of Thanks To My Teachers - Kai Uwe Pel

A Word of Thanks To My Teachers

I'd like to thank and acknowledge my teachers whose strict teachings and strong moral character have been inspirational and essential to my martial arts development. My knowledge and skills come from their unselfish sharing of the arts they love so well and I will continue to train, to study and to try to help others, hoping that I will not disappoint them.

Kai Uwe Pel
Singapore - October 2000

Master Koh Kim Kok - Singapore 1992


Master Chia Shoy Foy - Singapore 1997


Master Lai Chun Choy - Hongkong 1985


Master Lee Kam Wing - Hongkong 1983










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