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 Chin Woo Men in ShanghaiGrandmasters in Shanghai

Chin Woo Founder: Huo Yuan Jia

 Shanghai Long Wu International Kung Fu Center

  Polish Chin Woo - World Festival 2004

 Shanghai Chin Woo Athletic Federation, Madame Lu Li Juan with Master Kai Uwe Pel








World Chin Woo Men Schools & Affiliates

Our Chin Woo Website are pleased to present this exclusive offer of listing your Kung Fu school under our Martial Arts Directory. Your school will be listed here free of charge.

Please contact info@chinwoomen.com

World Chin Woo Men will now start to build a list of international schools that can offer quality traditional Chinese martial arts under the  “WORLD CHIN WOO MEN” name.

However, we follow the old rules of Chin Woo Men strictly. All teachers in a Chin Woo Men school must, at least, know “Ji Ben Shi Tao”, the original “10 Chin Woo basic sets” . Teachers “Ten Chin Woo basic sets” must be checked by our Chief-Instructor Bao Wen Guang. This will guarantee quality at schools listed on this page.

So, in order to be a
World Chin Woo Men school you must come to Shanghai and either complete your “Ji Ben Shi Tao” training with Grandmaster Bao Wen Guang or have your forms checked and corrected by him. You can also study the forms from the beginning if you wish to become a World Chin Woo Men school in the future.

Certification will be provided. However, if you haven't completed training the “Ji Ben Shi Tao” it might take more time and more than one visit to do this. There are no guarantees.

Contact us at info@chinwoomen.com for further information or to make arrangements.



Luo Guang Yu's Seven Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu
215, Shan Xi Nan Lu, 215
Shanghai, China

Kai Uwe Pel
Contact #: ( 021 )   549 549 16                  email: kaiuwepel@chinwoomen


German Chin Woo Athletic Association

Michael Streit


Contact #. ( 234 )   7732707                      email: michael.streit@ruhr-uni-bochum.de


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