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 World Chin Woo Men - Membership


The goal of World Chin Woo Men is to promote unity within Chin Woo System by maintaining traditional teachings of the original Chin Woo Masters. In joining the World Chin Woo Men you will receive the following benefits.

15% discount on materials including: videos, weapons, clothing, uniforms, seminars, trip to China, literature published by Chin Woo Men.

Each Applicant must be approved by Executive Committee, which has the right to refuse membership to any applicant. All references will be checked. The applicant must show good character and judgment. He/she must have good manners, respect for not only his/her instructors, but also fellow students. The applicant must train diligently and he/she must have respect for the martial arts.

There will be a US $10.00 charge for replacement cost of lost or damaged cards.

Membership - Application Form :    Appliform.doc



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