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Shanghai Long Wu International Kung Fu Center




















Master Alvin Guo

“Sheltering The New Tradition”

Traditional Martial Arts in Shanghai finally have a home, and that home belongs to Master Alvin Guo !

After the re-opening of China during the Deng Xiaoping years, combative martial arts were legalized once more. However, in Shanghai this had only developed as far as Karate and Kick boxing classes in the city's more expensive gyms. Traditional masters were still underground in parks or private circles.

The opening of Alvin's Long Wu International Kung Fu Center has created a dynamic and professional training space where teachers of many styles are housed under the same roof - much like the spirit of the original Shanghai Chin Woo Athletic Association founded by Grandmaster Huo Yuen Jia.

Alvin was born Guo Liang on 11th October 1978 here in Shanghai. He started to practice martial arts in Shanghai's parks when he was only six years old. Around that time martial arts were very popular in Shanghai and they quickly caught his imagination.

By 1990, Alvin was made a member of the Shanghai Wushu Team for national competition. He gained recognition as an excellent performer of Zhong Hua Wu Shu (modern wu shu performance) and was made the team captain in 1996. He went on to win four national titles as the Shanghai Team Captain, 1st place Sword and Spear in 1997 and 1st place Long Fist, 2nd place Tai Chi in 1998!

Have won titles in two successive nationals he was awarded the 6th Dan Certificate and became an official teacher of Wushu.

Alvin's achievements don't stop there. His skills are often sought after in many areas. Barnum and Bailey's Circus hired him for a one year USA performance tour from 1993-94 allowing him to pick up English and knowledge of Western working methods along the way. He has also been in demand for the entertainment industry doubling in films for big name stars Aaron Kwok and Wang Lihom and making live appearances alongside Andy Lau and A-mei.

His knowledge and experiences have led to the creation of the Long Wu International Kung Fu Center in downtown Shanghai. It has a modern enrollment program including individual classes and also inclusive deals for 7 day a week access and multiple classes or styles. It houses traditional styles such as 7-Star Praying Mantis and Wing Chun as well as boxing, Sanda, kick-boxing and Yoga. Of course, those hoping to head up to the Beijing Olympics can also train modern wushu in Alvin Guo's personal class a t the center.

The World Chin Woo Men Family would like to thank Master Alvin Guo for his work in opening the center and for helping to open people's minds about martial arts. The Long Wu Center embodies the true kung-fu spirit and we are happy to be teaching there.

Andy Best








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