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 The Chin Woo Founder Master Huo Yuan Jia
 The History of Chin Woo
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The Chin Woo Founder Master Huo Yuan Jia

Huo Yuan Jia, whose given name was Junqing, was born in a Kung Fu family in Jinghai, Tianjin. He was the fourth child in the family. He learned Kung Fu by secretly observing his father, Huo En Di, teaching others. Eventually he humbly mastered Kung Fu. While growing up, he began making a living by selling firewood in Tianjin. He later worked as a helper at Tianjin Huaiqing Pharmacy. During this time Yuanjai became acquainted with Nong Jinsun, boss of the pharmacy, and he became his intimate. In 1901, there was a Russian in Tianjin who claimed to be the strongest man in the world. Huo Yuan Jia fought the Russian and effortlessly defeated him. From December 1909 to April 1910, Huo Yuanjia and his apprentice, Liu Zhen Sheng, went to Shanghai twice (at the invitation of patriotic personage in Shanghai) to compete with Oupin, a westerner with unusual strength. Oupin, however, fell victim to fear and left without competing. Thus, Huo Yuan Jia's fame has spread far and wide. At this moment, Chen Qi Mei, a member of Tung Men Hui (the Chinese Revolutionary League) raised his suggestion to train millions of youth to be both physically strong and militarily skillful within ten years so as to meet the demand of large-scale revolution and military renovation. According to Qi Mei's suggestion, China Chin Woo Gym Association (predecessor of Shanghai Chin Woo Athletic Federation) was founded. Nong Jinsun was the first president and Huo Yuan Jia was in charge of Kung Fu training and military training. In June 1910, the Eastern Times announced the establishment of this association in the name of Huo Yuan Jia. It was the first civil Kung Fu organization in China.

While Master Huo was building Chin Woo towards a great prospect, there were several Japanese who despised him and plotted to murder him. They secretly poisoned him day by day, which eventually destroyed his lungs. Inevitably, the poison killed him and Huo died at the young age of 41, much of his life having been dedicated to Chin Woo.

Huo Yuan Jia has been the pioneer and spiritual support of Chin Woo.

 by Kai Uwe Pel and Peter Xu



Huo Yuan Jia - The Chin Woo Founder

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